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Amazonite Wrap Bracelet

Serenity Stones: Amazonite Beaded Wrap Bracelet (Sterling Silver)

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Healing / Balance / Soothing

Amazonite offers healing, and balance, while blocking out negative energy. It has been linked to money and overall success. Amazonite has a soothing energy that helps with fatigue, stress, trauma, tension and aggravated emotions. It is also known to help with thyroid problems and alcoholism.

One size truly fits all. Made with sterling silver and genuine Amazonite gemstones. Amazonite is most commonly mined in Madagascar, Russia and Brazil. 

Because this is a natural stone, the color and imperfections of each stone is unique. Range of color is expected and individuality of each stone should be enjoyed!

This bracelet is made to truly fit all wrist sizes. Bend at the joints to customize the fit to your wrist. 

Handmade in Massachusetts.